Institute for Corean-American Studies (aka ICAS) was established in 1973. It is a non-profit, non-partisan, and private educational and research organization incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. ICAS is not an agent of any government and/or a foreign principal, and solely supported by voluntary contributions. Its activities and programs rely on the private donations of the general public, i.e., individuals, foundations, and corporations. Its purpose is to engage in wide range of issues and affairs of importance. ICAS promotes pertinent relations and conducts appropriate activities to enhance cooperation and to pursue peace and prosperity in association with people of mutual interests, with a special emphasis on multilateral relations between the United States and Asia-Pacific rim nations. Its membership includes individuals from varied sectors embracing academic, corporate, cultural, educational, international and other related fields. Presently, ICAS maintains a roster of one-hundred eighty-five Fellows from around the world and cherishes a circle of friends of the Institute. All ICAS staff, officers and directors are non-paid volunteers. ICAS strives to provide public services pro bono publico.

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