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Joseph S. Nye Dilemmas of Deterrence 2023-0502-JSN

Joseph S. Nye Will the war in Ukraine fuel nuclear proliferation? 2022-0709-JSN

Peter V. Pry Open Letter to Anti-Nuclear Activists 2021-0624-PVP

Congressional Reserach Center Nuclear Negotiations with North Korea 2021-0504-CRS

Nicholass Eberstadt How Biden Can Reduce the North Korean Threat 2021-0429-NxE

William B. Brown Kim Il Sung’s Land Reform After 75 Years. The Grandson Should Bring It Back. 2021-0327-WBB

Burwell B. Bell The OpCon Transfer Reality: Facts and Fantasy 2021-0211-BBB

Congressional Reserach Center South Korea: Background and U.S. Relations 2021-0202-CRS

Richard Lawless Nuclear North Korea and Japan――The INF Option 2020-1125-RPL

Barnett, D.S. et al. North Korean Conventional Artillery 2020-0619-DSB

Lamont Colucci Ghosts of Past Summits: Yalta and Potsdam 2020-0716-LC

John Allen A Moment of National Shame and Peril--and Hope 2020-0603-JRA

Donald J. Trump Remarks by President Trump at the 2020 United States Military Academy at
West Point Graduation Ceremony

Matt Pottinger
Reflections on China's May Fourth Movement: An American Perspective 2020-0504-MP

Walter R. Mebane Jr.
Anomalies and Frauds in the Korea 2020 Parliamentary Election, SMD and PR Voting 2020-0515-WRM

Walter R. Mebane Jr.
Anomalies and Frauds in the Korea 2020 Parliamentary Election 2020-0513-WRM

Shawn P. Creamer.
Time to Reassess the United States/Republic of Korea Mutual Defense Treaty 2017-0101-SPC

Walter R. Mebane Jr.
Frauds in the Korea 2020 Parliamentary Election 2020-0429-WRM

Audry Kurth Cronin
The Age of Open Assassination 2020-0119-AKC

Patrick M. Cronin
Korea's Endless Search for Peace 2020-0324-PMC

Shawn P. Creamer
Joint and Multinational Theater Headquarters in Korea: History, Organization and Manpower Activities 2020-0106-SPC

Andrew Appel,
Richard DeMillo,
& Philip B. Stark
Ballot-Marking Devices (BMDs) Cannot Assure the Will of The Voters 2019-1227-RAD

--------- Letter to Trump 2019-1120---

Ashley Townshend
Brendan Thomas-Noone
Matilda Steward
Averting Crisis: American strategy, military spending and collective defence in the Indo-Pacific 2019-0819-TTS

Jwa, Sung-Hee On Trumponomics as a challenge to the mainstream economics. 2019-0709-SHJ

Dong Bok Lee Message of the National Alliance of High School Alumni of the Republic of Korea
to the U.S. Forces in Korea Commemorating the 69th Anniversary of Task Force Smith's Encounter
with North Korean Forces at Jookmiryeong on July 5, 1950.

Robert S. Kim The Original Free Joseon, and the Real Mr. Sunshine:
Ilhan New, a Korean-American Intelligence Agent of the Second World War.

Department of Defense Annual Report to Congress:
Military and Security Developments Involving the People's Republic of China 2019

Kyung Won Na We Will Restore The Crumbling Principles Of The Constitution With The Korean People 2019-0312-NKW

In Ho Lee Liberal Democracy under Attack in the Republic of Korea – An Insider’s Testimony 2018-1012-IHL

Joseph Kim Marketization in North Korea is Corrupting the Corrupted 2018-Fall-JK

Bruce W. Bennett Alternative Paths to Korean Unification 2018-0101-BWB

David Lee The Myths of Success: The Perpetual Cycle of Ethnic Expectations 2018-0913-DL

Dennis Halpin Trump to Shake Kim Jong Un's Hand on One Year Anniversary of Return Home of American in a Coma:
RIP Otto Warmbier

Ron Dermer RSVP- 70 years of Israel's independence 2018-0517-RD

Larry Niksch Suggested U.S. Negotiating Strategy for a Trump-Kim Summit 2018-0506-LAN

Kun Il Yoo Who is going to collapse first: Seoul or Pyongyang? 2018-0325-KIY

Dong-bok Lee Mounting Risks Confronting Moon's Nuclear 'Shuttle' Diplomacy 2018-0312-DBL

Bill Streifer Stop firing, you bastards! The Seizure of the USS Pueblo -- The NSA's Uncensored Version 2018-0105-B_S

Wada Haruki The US-North Korean Crisis and Japan's Responsibility 2017-1120-H_W

CRS The North Korean Nuclear Challenge: Military Options and Issues for the Congress 2017-1106-CRS

David S. Maxwell Two papers on North Korea 2017-1016-DSM

Larry A. Niksch Succeeding in Securing an Oil Cutoff of North Korea 2017-0919-LAN

Uzi Rubin
Pyongyang Intercontinental Inc. 2017-0628-UxR

Joseph Bosco
Response to Six Experts' Letter to President Trump 2017-0628-JAB

Robert L. Gallucci
and Others

Six Experts' Letter to President Trump Regarding North Korea 2017-0628-RLG

In Ho Lee
Where Is Korea Going? 2017-0301-IHL

John K. Warden
North Korea's Nuclear Posture: An Evolving Challenge for U.S. Deterrence. 2017-0301-JKW

Shawn P. Creamer The United Nations Command and the Sending States 2017-0101-SPC

Jong-Hoon Kim
Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement 2016-1011-JHK

Rebeccah L. Heinrichs
North Korea - A Crisis for the Next President 2016-1007-RLH

William R McKinney
Warning: The Korean Peninsula is Falling into Disequilibrium 2016-0916-WRM

Robert Einhorn
and Duyeon Kim
Will South Korea Go Nuclear? 2016-0815-EAK

Carson Holloway
Tocqueville on Christianity and American Democracy 2016-0307-CxH

Larry A. Niksch Responding to North Korea's Nuclear and Missile Test:
Ending the U.N. Security Council Pretense

Shawn P. Creamer Theater-level Command and Alliance Decison-Making Architecture in Korea 2016-0101-SPC

James A. Bosco China's Complicity in North Korea's Nuclear Program: Henry Kissinger for the Defense 2015-1014-JAB

Ken E. Gause North Korea's Provocation and Escalation Calculus: Dealing with the Kim Jong-un Regime 2015-0801-KEG

Ilan Berman The Iran--North Korea Strategic Alliance 2015-0728-IIB

Larry Niksch The Iran--North Korea Strategic Alliance 2015-0728-LAN

Jim Walsh The Iran--North Korea Strategic Alliance 2015-0728-JxW

Bruce Klingner South Korea Needs THAAD Missile Defense 2015-0612-BxK

Congressional Record
US-South Korea Relations 2015-0611-CRS

Hwee-Rhak Park South Korea's Defense Posture against North Korean Nuclear Threat: Dangerous Reluctance 2015-0601-HRP

Grace M. Kang Seeking Legitimate Governance of the Korean Peninsula 2015-0508-GMK

Yŏng ho Ch'oe Japan's 1905 Incorporation of Dokdo/Takeshima: A Historical Perspective 2015-0304-YHC

Mi Ae Choo
Address to the ICAS Delegation 2014-0709-MAC

Human Rights Council Report of the commission of inquiry on human rights in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea 2014-0207-UNA

Human Rights Council Report of the detailed findings of the commission of inquiry on human rights in
the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

Daniel Aum
Greg Scarlatoiu
Amanda Mortwedt Oh
Crimes Against Humanity in North Korea: The Case for U.S. Leadership and Action 2014-1219-DxA

Daniel Aum DPRK Government Before the International Criminal Court: The Cheonan and Yeonpyeong Island Attacks 2012-1130-DxA

Grace M. Kang Legitimacy and Justice on the Korean Peninsula 2014-1118-GMK

David Scheffer
& Grace M. Kang
North Korea's Criminal Regime 2006-0706-GMK

Grace M. Kang A Case for the Prosecution of Kim Jong Il for Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide, and War Crimes 2006-0522-GMK

The Hon Song Ryol Han Road to Peace in the Korean Peninsula 2005-1027-SRH

Bill Streifer
& Nam Sang-so
In a North Korean Nuclear Defector's Own Words 2014-1020-BxS

U.S. Senators Letter to Japanese Prime Minister Abe 2014-0715-SEN

Congressional Research
US-South Korea Relations 2014-0624-CRS

Jin Pyuo Lee Government Mandated Resource Circulation for Recycling Metal Cans in South Korea 2014-0321-JPL

Daniel R. Russel Assessing Threats Facing the U.S.-Korean Alliance 2014-0618-DRR

Jin-hyun Kim Korea- Japan - US Value Alliance 2014-0612-JHK

Larry A. Niksch Six Reasons Why Japan Should Propose Taking the Senkakus Issue to the International Court of Justice 2014-0502-LAN

Geun Hye Park
& Barak Obama
Press conference, Seoul, April 25, 2014 2014-0425-OxP

Geun Hye Park An Initiative for Peaceful Unification on the Korean Peninsula. Dresden - beyond division, toward integration 2014-0328-GHP

Seiji Maehara Japan's Foreign and Economic Policies: Assessing the Abe Administration 2014-0314-SJM

Daniel R. Russel Opportunities and Challenges in the U.S.-Japan and U.S.-Republic of Korea Alliances 2014-0304-DRR

Ye Ra Kim Before Dark Seoul Becomes Destroy Seoul 2014-0214-YRK

Department of Defense Military and Security Developments Involving the Democratic People's Republic of Korea 2014-0204-DOD

Larry Niksch Responding to the Abe Visit to Yasukuni: The Park Initiative and Beyond 2014-0129-LAN

Emma Chanlett-Avery
& Ian E. Rinehart
North Korea: U.S. Relations, Nuclear Diplomacy, and Internal Situation 2014-0115-ECA

Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj Speech at Kim Il Sung University 2013-1031-TxE

Patric M. Cronin Strategic Rebalance Toward Asia 2013-0724-PMC

Barack Obama Obama Proclaims National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day 2013-0727-BHO

Chuck Hagel Korean War Armistice 60th Anniversary 2013-0727-CTH

Park Geun Hye Remarks to Joint Session of United States Congress 2013-0508-GHP

Peter R. Huessy The World's Cop goes on Coffee Break 2013-0617-PRH

Sang Hyun Song Pursuing Universal Acceptance of the Rome Statute and Other Challenges for the
Evolving System of International Criminal Justice

Committee on
Foreign Relations
China's Impact on Korean Peninsula Unification
and Questions for the Senate

Alexis Dudden Korea-Japan Standoff: Why Americans Should Care 2012-0914-ABD

Seiji Maehara Japan's Security Policy and the U.S. Rebalance to the Asia Pacific 2012-0912-SJM

Larry Niksch When North Korea Mounts Nuclear Warheads on Its Missiles 2011-1230-LAN

Mark M. Manyin Kim Jong-il's Death: Implications for North Korea's Stability and U.S. Policy 2011-1222-MEM

Jin Ha Hwang Strategic Views of the ROK-US Alliance 2011-0613-JHH

Yoshi Yamamoto TAKEN! North Korea's Criminal Abduction of Citizens of Other Countries 2011-0512-YxY

Henry S. Choi The Impact of Japanese Nationalism on the Non-Japanese Victims of Atomic Bombs 2011-0501-HSC

Jin Seock Shin The West's Feet of Clay: Transmuting the Pillars of Liberty from Gold into Dross 2011-0501-JSS

Hannah Fischer North Korean Provocative Actions, 1950 - 2007 2011-0219-HxF

Matthew D. Lee Korean American Scholarship Foundation Speech 2010-0912-MDL

Joe Lieberman Senators Introduce Bipartisan Resolution Pledging Solidarity with South Korea 2010-0513-JIL

Nicholas Eberstadt The North Korea Endgame 2010-0430-NxE

Tong Kim Requisites for North Korea's Denuclearization 2010-0422-TxK

Kurt M. Campbell Regional Overview of East Asia and the Pacific 2010-033-KMC

Mary Beth Nikitin North Korea's Second Nuclear Test: Implications of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1874 2010-0226-MBN

Robert P. Casey U.S. National Security and Our Nuclear Weapons Complex 2010-0224-RPC

Dick K. Nanto China-North Korea Relations 2010-0122-DKN

Stephen W. Bosworth North Korea: Back at the Brink? 2009-0611-SWB

Kurt M. Campbell Statement before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee 2009-0610-KMC

SFCC SFCC Demands N. Korea Free Two U.S. Journalists 2009-0508-SFC

Tong Kim Response to the comments by Kim Myong Chol 2009-0127-TxK

Jay P. Lefkowitz Final Report of Jay Lefkowitz 2009-0117-JPL

Kim Myong Chol Comments on Tong Kim's paper of Obama's Options on North Korea 2009-0128-KMC

Tong Kim Obama's Options on North Korea 2009-0128-TxK

Nicholas Eberstadt What Went Wrong? The Bush administration's failed North Korea policy 2009-0126-NxE

Erian A. Idrissov Kazakhstan's Contribution to the Strengthening of International Security 2008-1014-EAI

Orrin G. Hatch Statement of Sen. Orrin G. Hatch before the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary
on the nomination of Grace Chung Becker to be Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights

Larry Niksch North Korea: Terrorism List Removal? 2007-1211-LAN

Jeffrey T. Bergner Letter from Ass't Secretary Bergner to Congressman Markey 2007-1106-JTB

Edwin J. Markey Letter from Congressman Markey to Secretary Rice 2007-1003-EJM

Caroline Glick Our World: Recognizing the axis of evil 2007-0917-CxG

Daniel L. Glaser Treasury Statement on the Disposition of North Korea-Related Funds Frozen at Banco Delta Asia 2007-0319-DLG

Stuart A. Levey Treasury Finalizes Rule Against Banco Delta Asia: BDA Cut Off From U.S. Financial System 2007-0314-SAL

Geun Hye Park The Republic of Korea and the United States: Our Future Together 2007-0212-GHP

Geun Hye Park The North Korean Nuclear Issue and A New Vision for the Korea-US Alliance 2007-0214-GHP

Dennis P. Halpin Japanese Views of Their Nation's Historic Legacy from World War II 2006-1113-DPH

Dennis P. Halpin Findings of Staff Delegation Visit to Urumqi, PRC, May 30-June 2, 2006 2006-1030-DPH

Dennis P. Halpin After the Bomb Was Over: Coordinating Proliferation Strategy in Northeast Asia Following
the North Korean Nuclear Test.

Ki Moon Ban Statement at the United Nations 2006-0922-KMB

Henry J. Hyde Remarks Following Wreath Laying at Statue of General Douglas MacArthur. 2006-0811-HJH

James A. Leach Comments to the Conference on Power and Super Power: Global Leadership in the 21st Century 2006-0606-JAL

You Chan Kevin Chung Modeling South Korea's Economy: Model Comparison of Simple ARMA (1,1) vs.
High Frequency Principal Component Analysis in Forecasting South Korea's GDP

Matthew Spalding Making Citizens: The Case for Patriotic Assimilation 2006-0316-MxS

Mark E. Manyin South Korea-U.S. Economic Relations:
Cooperation, Friction, and Prospects for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

Dennis P. Halpin The Trojan Horse: Pyongyang's Successful Propaganda Campaign to
Win the Hearts of South Koreans and Undermine the U.S.-ROK Alliance

Nicholas N. Eberstadt North Korea Triumphs Again in Diplomacy 2005-0930-NxE

Nicholas N. Eberstadt A Skeptical View 2005-0921-NxE

PRC Foreign Ministry Joint Statement of the Fourth Round of the Six-Party Talks 2005-0919-PRC

Donald Kirk Bring Up Human Rights in Talks With North Korea 2005-0919-DxK

Henry J. Hyde Letter to President Roh Moo Hyun Re MacArthur Statue 2005-0915-HJH

Dennis P. Halpin John Paul II, South Korea, and Regime Change in North Korea: Be Not Afraid 2005-0430-DPH

Donald Kirk Flash points: History troubles Japan, Korea ... 2005-0330-Dxk

Doug Bandow The Future of the U.S.-ROK Alliance: Equality, Mutuality, and International Security 2005-0325-DxB

Dennis P. Halpin Alliance at Risk: How the U.S. Congress Currently Views U.S.-Korean Relations 2005-0325-DPH

James R Lilley The Korean Peninsula: Six Party Talks and the Nuclear Issue 2005-0310-JRL

Henry J. Hyde The Korean Peninsula: Six Party Talks and the Nuclear Issue 2005-0310-HJH

Donald Kirk Seoul's Nuclear Amnesia 2005-0224-DxK

Nicholas N. Eberstadt Kim's Nuclear Winter 2005-0214-NxE

Government of Japan Japanese National Defense Program Guideline, FY 2005 - 2005-0205-NaM

Robyn Lim Geostrategic Trends in Asia 2005-0106-RxL

Nicholas Eberstadt Tear Down This Tyranny 2004-1201-NxE

Jeong-Woo Kil Global Eye:Nation, not race, is important 2004-1018-JWK

Robyn Lim Why is Koizumi going to Pyongyang? 2004-0514-RxL

David Scofield Korea-Centrism and the Foreign 'Threat' 2004-0115-DxS

George V. Savvaides "Greece in the New Millenimum" Aspects of Greece's Foreign Policy:
Europe, the USA, and the Eastern Mediterranean on the Eve of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

Yeri Kim The Debate Over Seoul's US Embassy: Exploring 120 Years of US-ROK Relations. 2003-1208-YRK

Senate Staff Six Party Talks and the North Korean Nuclear Issue. 2003-1114-USS

Harold Hongju Koh Rights to Remember. 2003-1101-HHK

CHRNK The Hidden Gulag: Exposing North Korea's Prison Camps. 2003-1022-CHR

Norbert Vollertsen South Korea's Spoilers. 2003-0827-NxV

Arlen Specter The Court of Last Resort. 2003-0807-AxS

Stefano Stefanini "Italy in the New Millennium" and remarks on the upcoming EU Italian Presidency. 2003-0619-SxS

Don Kirk The South Korean Spy Chief Who Paved the Way for Thaw With North. 2003-0609-DxK

Ra Jong Yil Engagement with the North: Step by step to one Korea. 2003-0513-RJY

Jeong-Woo Kil Global Eye: Why nobody understands us. 2003-0507-JWK

Alexandre Y. Mansourov North Korea Crossed the Nuclear Rubicon: Is War Inevitable?. 2003-0426-AYM

Alexandre Y. Mansourov North Korea Is Poised To Cross The Nuclear Rubicon: Will The Canary Die In The Mine? 2003-0423-AYM

Doug Bandow N. Korea Is No Place to Apply Iraq 'Lessons'. 2003-0422-DxB

Chalmers Johnson Korea, South and North, at Risk. 2003-0417-CxJ

Robyn Lim Japan as the 'New South Korea?. 2003-0305-RxL

Roh Moo-hyun A New Takeoff Toward an Age of Peace and Prosperity. 2003-0225-RMH

Seok Hyun Hong Korea-U.S. Relations:
Shared Challenges and Tasks for the Future.

Richard V. Allen Seoul's Choice:
The U.S. or the North .

Claudia Rosett Insane Asylum Policy:
The U.N. nurtures terrorists and lets real refugees fend for themselves.

Don Kirk Moo Hyun Roh:
South Korea's President-Elect

Suchan Chae Strategizing Economic Cooperation. 2002-1212-SCC

Henry J. Hyde Remarks to Tsinghua University. 2002-1210-HJH

Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences International Conference on International Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Cooperation 2002-1114-SAS

Yang Sung Chul Republic of Korea's Position on North Korea's Nuclear Issue. 2002-1017-SCY

Marcus Noland West-Bound Train Leaving the Station:
Pyongyang on the Reform Track.

Marcus Noland The Impact of Korean Immigration on the U. S. Economy. 2002-1010-MxN

Shinae Chun Remarks. 2002-0817-SAC

Mong-Joon Chung A Vision for Korea in the 21st Century. 2002-0801-MJC

Lord Goldsmith Common Law Common Bond. 2002-0703-LxG

Albert M Rosenblatt Response to Lord Goldsmith. 2002-0703-AMR

Aidan Foster-Carter South Korea and Japan:
High time these neighbors put future before past.

Marcus Noland Economic Reform in South Korea:
An Unfinished Legacy.

Henry J. Hyde The U.S., China, and the Future of East Asia. 2002-0306-HJH

William B. Brown Savings and Investment in the Korean Economy:
Kim Dae-jung's Reforms and the Challenges Ahead.

Tim Beal Digital Divide on the Korean Peninsula:
Constructive Engagement Offers Solutions.

Hoi Chang Lee Korea at the Crossroads:
The Challenges Ahead

George W. Bush Address to a Joint Session of Congress 2001-0920-GWB

Steven C. Clemons Recovering Japan's Wartime Past - and Ours 2001-0904-SCC

Jerome J. Shestack Judaism and Fundamental Human Rights 2001-0524-JJS

Larry M. Wortzel Why North Korea Should Sign a Peace Treaty with the U.N., Not the U.S. 2001-0517-LMW

Andrea Campana Warren I. Cohen, East Asia at the Center. Four Thousand Years of Engagement with the World. (A book review) 2001-0508-AxC

C. Sarah Soh Japan's Responsibility Toward Comfort Women Survivors 2001-0501-CSS

Rosamund Scott The Pregnant Woman and the Good Samaritan:
Can a Woman have a Duty to Undergo a Caesarean Section?

Stephen Walt Keeping the World "Off-Balance":
Self-Restraint and U.S. Foreign Policy

Thomas E. Graham, Jr U.S.-Russian Relations 2001-0315-TEG

Henry J. Hyde Verification is Crucial to Korean Framework 2001-0313-HJH

Doug Bereuter Perspectives on U.S. National Interests in Asia 2001-0306-DxB

William B. Brown South Korea:
Trying to Avoid a "W" Shaped Cycle

Edwin J. Feulner Commemoration of Kim Dae-Jung's Presidency 2001-0222-EJF

George W. Bush Inaugural Address 2001-0120-GWB

William J. Clinton Eight Years of Peace, Progress and Prosperity 2001-0120-WJC

Pyong Gap Min Immigrants' Religion and Ethnicity: A Comparison of Korean Christian and Indian Hindu Immigrants 2001-0116-PGM

Akahisa Nagashima Advance Toward Power-Sharing: A New Action Plan For The U.S.-Japan Alliance 2000-1214-AkN

William J. Clinton Appointment By The President of Howard K. Koh to National Cancer Advisory Board. 2000-1019-WJC

Tae-Hee Yoon Excessive Indebtedness and Corporate Reforms in Korea. 2000-0624-THY

Tao Wenzhao China's Position Towards the Korean Peninsula. 2000-1017-WZT

In Kee Kim A Dilemma Facing The Immigrant Church: A Case of Korean - Canadian Experience 2000-0722-IKK

William J. Clinton Remarks By The President At Korean War Memorial 50th Anniversary Celebration. 2000-0625-WJC

William B. Brown Commemorating An Unfinished War. 2000-0622-WBB

Douglas H. Paal Testimony to the Committee on International Relations, March 17, 2000. 2000-0317-DHP

Mitchell B. Reiss North Korea: Leveraging Uncertainty? 2000-0316-MBR

Rinn S. Shinn North Korea: Chronology of Provocations, 1950 - 2000 2000-0315-RSS

Charlene Barshefsky China's WTO Accession in American Pacific Strategy. 2000-0229-ChB

Don Borrie Time for New Zealand to Rethink Position on North Korea. 2000-0117-DxB

Tony Hall Humanitarian Aid to North Korea. 1999-1027-TPH

Rawdon Dalrymple Will the Geese Get Back in Line? Japan and Southeast Asia in the Financial Crisis. 1999-1001-RAD

Jeb Bush An A+ Plan for Education. 1999-923-JEB

Mike Honda Japanese War Crimes. 1999-826-MiH

Rick Santorum The Necessity of Truth. 1999-729-RiS

Sang Joo Kim Kim has earned Liberty Medal, yet S. Korea still has far to come.. 1999-627-SJK

Seung Soo Han Can the Tigers Bounce Back? When? 1999-427-SSH

Elie Wiesel The Perils of Indifference:
Lessons Learned From a Violent Century.

Harold Hongju Koh Promoting Human Rights in the Pursuit of Peace: Assessing 20 Years of U.S. Human Rights Policy. 1999-0317-HHK

Akihisa Nagashima Searching for a Korean-Japanese Strategic Partnership:
Nucleus of a Trans-Pacific Security Community.

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